Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Found some fish

Was lucky enough last night to find some real fish on a $3/6 Fulltilt table. One guy was 96/2, and the other was 90/66. The aggro guy was luckboxing left and right and over 50 hands he was running at +75BB/100.

I'd had a couple run ins with him and i'd love to post one hand but I don't have it on this PC which was for 20+ BBs where I had A8o on a 883 flop versus his pocket 7s where he rivered his 7 after capping both the flop and turn .... needless to say I was not impressed ....

That being said, he then did start paying me off when he stopped hitting miracle cards, and I ended up making a good 25BBs for the session. I'll be looking out for these guys in future as they seem to be more than willing to not only pay me off, but pay me off with mulitple raises and reraises.

Almost back to even for the month, and maybe i'll even check out eurolinx on Blindman's suggestion. Might not get time for it over the Easter weekend though.

Current bankroll: $17,200
April time played: 7h
April profit/(loss): ($50)