Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little time, little play

Its amazing how small things like looking to buy a house, organising a wedding, sorting out car salary sacrificing, birthdays etc get in the way of playing poker ..... (not to mention Dream Team as well - some tricky trading coming up).

I've played less than half an hour in the last couple days - in fact literally only 3 orbits on a couple tables. They were kind enough to give me about 10BBs at each of $2/4 and $1/2 before the fish on my right ran out of cash on both tables so I can't really complain. Effectively that's brought me back to square for the month, so April has been another tough slog. I should be getting about $100 in reload bonus cash in the next couple days so hopefully I can end up in the black again.

Current bankroll: $17,250
April time played: 23h
April profit/(loss): $0

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havin_a_laff said...

you have my sympathy. don't know how guys with kids every manage to play. the college kids have no idea how fortunate they are. On the upside - I think quality over quantity is better in the long run.