Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Only had another smallish session, maybe a bit under one hour on Bodog/William Hill as I continue to clear my reload and time bonus.

Didn't have too many interesting hands - just the usual horrendous beat with someone hitting their 2 outer here and there, and me missing a bunch of draws before finally hitting about 3 in a row.

Anyways, I finally have hit quad aces. Interestingly it was a blind battle with me holding A9o in the sb, obviously raising preflop in an attempt to steal. Flop was AA6, which I bet and he called. Turn A .. kaching! I bet he called, River T, I bet, he called with a pair of 8s. So I even got to show it down.

Was playing mostly on the $1/2 tables and made around 25BBs for the session 3 or 4 tabling.

Current Bankroll: $11,600

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