Monday, September 22, 2008

Note taking discipline

Okay this post is a half tell off of myself. I'm still slaggin off in the chat window from time to time after a particularly nasty beat - which is just plain stupid - not only is it a break in my concentration, it may also scare the fishes off, and that time could be better spent doing a solid note on what the fish had preflop, what position they were in, and what action they took.

Maybe I should just get myself chat banned, so then I can't chat any crap. I read someone once did that every time they joined a new site. Actually I think i'll try to rely on self discipline for a bit.

Anyways, put in about half an hour, with a few $1/2 tables on Cake and Bodog, and a hugely juicy $2/4 table on Fulltilt. The Bodog servers seemed to be having a few issues and the software was lagging something fierce, so I had to quit my tables there after not very long. At least I know their allin protection on disconnects work.

The fish on fulltilt were fairly kind to me. I started by hitting a flush draw early for about 6BBs, and then fluctuated around that mark for a bit, before my AQ TPTK held up to take down a 15BB pot. Ended up around 15BBs in total for the session there, as well as a similar amount on my combined Bodog/Cake tables.

Current Bankroll: $12,700


TiocfaidhArLa said...

I was in a book shop the other day and picked up Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein. I haven't bought it, but he had a section on what makes a great player.

The beauty of online is that you can let off steam away from the keyboard. For you, don't go on tilt, for me, please don't tap the tank.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Yeah I downloaded the audio book and listened to it on the way to/from work. A couple times actually.

The book is quite good for all the psychological stuff so I found it quite interesting. Its not so relevant for actual plays. He does have some interesting stories too.

And yep ... avoiding tilt is key ... for everyone, so I work hard at it.

tim said...

Don't get chat banned, sometimes you'll really wish you had it