Monday, September 15, 2008

Keeping motivated

Motivated. Thas was the word I was looking for.

I just realised I have gradually become less motivated to play over the last couple months. But since it was happening so slowly I failed to actually notice my change in motivation.

As soon as I wrote down and applied my cash out strategy however, it gave me a new goal and new sense of direction. Now i'm really looking forward to attempting to hit that $14k barrier so that I can cash out again, and all of a sudden I am extremely keen on hitting the tables again. I guess that's an added benefit of setting myself those goals the other day.

My last session went for a little under an hour, and was mainly at $1/2 as I try to finish off my William Hill monthly $50 bonus, as well as having a couple Bodog tables open to clear some more of my bonus there before it runs out on the 26th. Turned out to be a nice little session where I made about 25BBs excluding bonuses. I'll post a couple hands in a separate post.

The session finished on a sour note .. my Gigabyte 8600GT graphics card decided to stop outputting to my TV. A few minutes later, it decided to stop outputting to my monitor as well. Couple hours later, its working back to my monitor, but as soon as I flick it to the TV as well, the monitor flicks off. Reboot, and now nothing's going. I think it is fried, so will buy another today. Might upgrade to a 9600GT I think.

Then this morning I get an email from Party of a reload bonus of 100% up to $500 which clears in $100 increments ... however ... it is unclear as to how many points you need to clear each increment, so I might wait for some clarification on 2p2.

Current bankroll: $12,150


The blindman said...

I'm pretty sure that MATCHME500 on Party is actually an 8x or 10x bonus (depending on what you get offered). The wording makes it sound like 1.6x or 2x, which is way too good to be true.

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah i was clarifying on 2p2 myself. thats just not that good. doubt i will do it ... although party is quite fishy ...

TiocfaidhArLa said...

Picking up on your motivation. Your goals caught my attemtion before and I started to get a bit more serious too.

Like you, I'm finding myself keen to get back to the tables although the grinding is a grind. I'm enjoying the occassional shot as a reward for the grinding and have been lucky thus far.

Thanks for setting your goals :-).