Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Unlucky fish

Played a very brief session on Bodog for probably my final $4/8 table there. I think I played a total of 3 orbits, however came out about 15BBs up.

One guy was particularly unlucky - he sat down with 10BBs on my left just as the BB got to me for my second orbit. I guess sittin down with only 10BBs is askin for trouble on a limit table, and it did prove a problem for him.

First hand he has raised UTG and I was the only caller in the BB with A8s. Flop was A72r, which I checked and he bet. I decided to play the hand passively here, as i'm sure i'd normally check raise, but I simply called his bet. Turn was a 3, which I simply checked and he bet. Again I called. River was a K which I actually donked into. He called showing 99. I'm sure I played that poorly.

Next hand i'm sitting on AKo in the sb. Again my opponent has open raised from middle position, which is folded to me so I reraise. Flop is AT4r. I bet he calls. Turn is a 7, I bet, he calls. River is a K, I bet he calls and shows AQs. So there's most of his stack already gone.

The very next hand i'm dealt AQo. This time he has open raised from the cutoff, which I then reraise from the button. Flop is A64r. He bets out, I raise. Turn is a 7 and he is all in which I call. He shows down AJo. Poor bugger, that's the end of his stack in 3 hands. Hehe.

Anyways for my 15 minute session I made about $100, and have received my rakeback/bonus cash from the other day which was a bit over $50.

Current bankroll: $11,750

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