Thursday, September 18, 2008

Party bonus

Got in about an hour last night, and started horribly quickly dropping 20BBs on Party $2/4 tables. I missed 5 draws in a row which does hurt a bit. Compounding that problem was that I couldnt find a fish anywhere. Every table I opened had a VPIP of about 25% which is never going to be profitable.

At the same time I had a couple Bodog tables open, and they were running super hot. Every draw would hit, every cbet would get my opponent(s) to fold. I would have been up a good 30BBs in a very short period.

I dunno .. maybe $2/4 is just no good on Party ... or at least when everyone is on trying to clear this reload bonus.

The second half of my session on Party was much better though, and I recovered a good 15BBs - couple hands from the seconds half of the session are shown below. Finally found myself a table with a couple fish as well as the usual lag/tags which helped a lot. Cleared the first $10 of my reload bonus, and that's going to be enough party for me for now. Table selection there has been a pain and is quite off putting.

That being said, Party also gave me a $10 free money bonus, which was restricted from cash out until I had earnt 80 party points. The important thing about this bonus though, is that any winnings are not restricted. So by playing a hand of blackjack, and then quitting when I won, I managed to spin that up to $50 before losing my initial $10. This will be added to my poker bankroll since i've only made it because of Poker.

Obviously you have to have a real money Party account to actually receive any of these offers, so i'd recommend opening one at some stage - feel free to use my link on the right to go through PSO for their bonus $ as well :)

Current bankroll: $12,400


TiocfaidhArLa said...

Nice work on Bodog!

I've given up on Party because it was just taking forever to clear the bonus and I thought the time would be better spent on William Hill.

Just curious as to why you would be playing there?

parttimebonuschaser said...

only played there briefly to clear part of my current deposit bonus.

when they give me another 3x to 5x bonus i'll be back on it.

I only need another 300 party points or so to be able to cash out 2k party points as well, so hopefully will clear that when the next bonus comes around.

that being said, every time they offer me free money i'll be on there hoping to donk it up on blackjack/roulette

Nick said...

Well at least your making money with poker. Can't realy on the sharemarket atm!

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah true. better than june though for me on the market