Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cake reload complete

Got in about two and a half hours over the weekend, which was time enough to hit the $2/4 tables on Cake to clear my latest reload in full. I think about $50 for the month which is okay.

I then withdrew most of my bankroll there, and will deposit and play there again when the next reload is offered. Till then, will give Cake a miss, as there's not much point in playing when i'm not getting both rakeback and a reload bonus.

I also reloaded on Bodog for their reload bonus, and have started clearing that. Don't quite have enough of a bankroll on there yet to risk playing $4/8, but hopefully should have shortly. If I didnt cash out about half of my bonus there to another site, i'd probably have enough, but I'd rather make sure i'm cashing out regularly there given rumors regarding the site. Can't say i've had any problems though, and cashouts have been processed within about 10 hours for me there so far.

Also just signed up to a decent Pacific deal, although the actual bonus part of the deal looks fairly tough to achieve (well except the up front payment part - although i'm still not sure exactly how many points I need to clear that even). Hadn't really researched that I need to go buy handgrabbing software for Pacific if I want to track my opponents. I might have to look into sourcing the handgrabbing software at the best deal possible. Maybe through a sign up deal somewhere and pick up the bodog handgrabber at the same time.

(Oh, and if anyone is looking for a pretty good Pacific deal flick me a message).

I'm still not 100% certain how much i'll play on pacific, but the blindman seems to think its a great site. Will see.. i'll just have to avoid the tables he's on :)

Anyways the weekend went okay, although I did lag out a couple times, so i'm not sure if my router or ISP is working 100% at the moment. Managed to make about 30BBs on a combination of $1/2 and $2/4 tables. Had a fantastic start where I did a couple of big suckouts when holding a good but 2nd best hand - which then promptly turned around when a couple fish sucked out on me over and over again. Oh well. At least the session ended up!

Might post on goals etc again soon .. or might not ... depends if I think it through any further.

Current Bankroll: $13,050

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The blindman said...

The "points" part of the Pacific bonus is pretty much a waste of time, but the "instant" part is good value. The cashout requirement is 20x the bonus amount in wagers (effectively 100% rakeback) - equivalent is about 200 FPPs per $100 of the bonus. That will take no time at all playing 2/4 and 3/6.