Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Party reload

Thought i'd give the Party reload a shot, so deposited the minimum neteller deposit of $50. Checked my bonus and its 80 points to clear each $10. Since its only an 8x bonus, I think i'll clear one lot of the $10 only.

Fired up a couple $2/4 tables on Party and a couple on Cake for a session that lasted a bit under an hour. It actually only took me 4 tables on Party before I found two good one's worth playing on. Although admittedly one of them only had one huge fish but I had perfect position on him so decided to stay until he lost all his cash.

I had a pretty decent run on party after losing a couple nasty early beats, I ended the session around 25BBs up. Cake ended up only a few BBs but I hadn't had a lot of luck on there throughout the session. It was quite a swingy session actually with a lot of fairly large pots (15BB+) being contested by multiple players - i think mainly due to me being fairly aggressive and a couple fishes calling with bottom pair, no kicker .. or worse ...

I've cleared about 40 points of the party bonus in that time, so still have another 40 to go. Hopefully I have as much success on the tables whilst clearing the last 40.

Anyways, i've posted a few hands in the entry below.

Current Bankroll: $12,300


TiocfaidhArLa said...

At $2/$4 you cleared 40 points quite quickly. Is that because its 6-max and you were 4-tabling.

If so, I'm not that good at Limit so would need a different strategy. It took me over 6 hours of 4-tabling NL50 FR to get 160 pts, I deposited $100.

PS I'm reading backwards so ignire my question above ... $10/hr seems pretty good.

parttimebonuschaser said...

$2/4 limit is the 'sweet spot' for clearing party points. I think its 11 points per 20 raked hands .. something like that.

So say in an hour maybe 45 hands are raked ... so 28ish points per table per hour. If you can find loose tables then it will be even quicker as more hands will be raked.

Still not good enough by my calculations ... will make sure all future reloads are better than 8x