Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A session of 2 outers

My session started particularly nastily, with my first hand AK, hitting a flop of AK7, turn of 4, river 7 for numpty #1 to flip over 97o ...

About 5 hands later, I have KQ on a flop of Q63, turn K, river 6. Numpty #2 flips over 76s .. no flush draw.

A few hands later in a fairly large 4 way pot, I'm sitting on ATo with a board of T92, turn 5, river 8 ... 2 muppets show down A9 and KT, button shows down QJ for the nut straight. Can't complain too much about that one with the nut OESD on the flop for him.

Couple missed flush draws as well and i'm quickly down 25BBs. Then all of a sudden its my turn to suck out. my ATo on a board of KT6, turn 3, river A - numpty #3 shows KT.

Finally hit a flush draw or 2, and one of my favourite numpties calls me down every single hand with virtually nothing, when i've often hit TPTK or better.

One interesting hand I had AhQh in the SB, so obviously raise the one limper. BB folds, but my numpty #2 limper then calls my raise (he generally doesnt call down every hand but is often dominated). Flop is JhTh3s ... so i've got a flush draw, two overs and effectively a gutshot. I bet, he calls. Turn 7s, so I figure its worth a cbet again with all my outs. He waits till his timer is almost out and then calls. River 5d. Damn ... Do I fire a third barrel? ... Was his wait really thinking time, or was he setting me up? I fire another raise. He quickly calls so i'm briefly a little sick. He turns over 6h4h for 6 high .... ummm ... nice river call there buddy?

Anyways, ended up about 25BBs in profit for the half hour, so not too bad at all!

Current Bankroll: $12,750

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