Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nvidia 9600GT cropping on Plasma

Well ... replacing my graphics card kinda cut into my poker time yesterday. Spent about an hour and a half trying to fix it, searching for a solution on the web, playing with settings etc.

For some reason it was cropping a number of pixels off every side of my plasma TV, which is obviously unacceptable.

But bugger me, the fix was simple in the end ... all I had to do was uncheck a box that said to recognise the TV as a HDTV .... now why on earth this would make a difference has me miffed ... and why its not documented anywhere as the solution is even more mystifying.

Anyways back to poker. Put in a bit under half an hour on Cake and Bodog with a mix of $2/4 and $1/2 tables. Started poorly again with my first hand scoring 88 in the BB and had a board of J4572 ... my one opponent had J9s. However after that it was a steady stream of BBs being added to my stack as the fish kept calling me down every time that I had either top pair or better. Forgot to copy any hands out of Bodog for conversion .. but can't actually remember too many interesting ones.

Overall made about 20BBs which isn't too bad. I'm actually having a fairly steady run this month - not too many losses, but no big wins either. Actually I quite like it that way.

Current Bankroll: $12,200


Countryboy said...

Thanks for your comments.

Re. stoxpoker - I like the content so far - only watched some Ed Miller, Stoxtrader NL and Leatherass - all NL videos. I think Stoxtrader is a good teacher at NL. His thought processes are clear and even I can understand the points he makes. The microstakes videos are excellent for a beginner like me.

Overall no regrests so far.

Only downside is the video quality - the Flash streaming videos are a bit poor - I find there are a lot of pauses (bandwidth?) and the graphics / sound quality are ropey sometimes.

I downloaded a couple but can't play them in Windows Media player due to a DRM problem. Followed all their troubleshooting steps but no joy. Haven't contacted them for help yet.


would-be said...

Wouldn't mind a bankroll like that. Reckon I could make it last at least a day :-)

I've just decided to get on the blogging bandwagon, a bit late i know, and wondered if i might be able to get a link up.


just follows my degenerate life through ramblings.
don't link it up if u think it's shit. i can't say fairer than that, can i?

cheers mate!

parttimebonuschaser said...

thanks countryboy ... i think i'll wait till I decide to switch to NL before I invest.

would-be keep up some regular posts and i'll then link you up.