Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 tabling

Well usually I just go for 4 tables maximum, but i'd found a bunch of fishy tables on both cake and bodog, so rather than quit any extras that i'd put myself on the waiting list for I figured i'd open them up and then just not replace them when the table broke up.

However, in my half hour session, not a single table broke up so I just kept playing 6 tables. Go figure. I got timed out a couple times early, which was quite costly I think, although I didn't see the final board on both of them. One I had 2nd pair with the 2nd nut flush draw, and the other I had the nut flush draw. After the initial hiccup though I managed to keep on top of all the tables relatively easily. The only real issue was that fewer plays were made based on reads, and it was mostly just abc poker. I also had to concentrate pretty hard. After those initial time outs I never timed out again, although did get the warning beeps a few times.

Not sure that i'll take up 6 tabling regularly, but I might practice a bit - i'm sure it will become easier over time and will force me to make quicker decisions.

Early on I managed to scoop up a couple big pots where I had position on 2 huge fish. As an example in my notes, I had one as cold calling a raise with 23o and the other will cold call a raise with any 2 suited cards. Admittely his T5s did suck out on my on one hand when a T flopped and a T rivered against my AA, but you can't do much about that.

Anyways I think i was up around 25BBs before the fish started sucking out left and right. A fairly horrible run, and I ended back even, although given it was 6 tables there'd be a bit of rakeback there.

The session before I had tables running for about an hour. I found a juicy $2/4 table on Cake which paid me off a good 25BBs, before the $1/2 tables on Bodog took it back with horrendous beat after horrendous beat - 25BBs effectively at $1/2!!! A quick stats check on my main losing table and I had a WTSD of around 20% which is nastily low, and a W$SD of 25% which is terrible.

Current bankroll: $12,800


Nick said...

Hey Rob, apart from Cake are there any other poker sites that prevent Tracking?

parttimebonuschaser said...

bodog doesnt track easily ... but if you're in the US its hard to get money out of that site.

parttimebonuschaser said...

if you are signing up at bodog i'd highly recommend my link to rakebackstat though .. tis a very good deal