Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First tourney for ages

Played in the first depositors freeroll at Pacific which is the first Tourney i've played in months. Was doing okay, but only had a 1,600 (starting 1,200) chip stack with blinds at 100/200.

My exit involved an early raiser going all in for his last 320 chips, and me then pushing all in with AQo on the button. The SB with 3,200 chips called my bet with A5s. Flop 5, turn 5 and thats all folks. Not sure how he managed to find a call for half his stack with A5 ... but I guess that happens ....

Also played another 3 tables - 2 bodog, 1 pacific for a couple hours at the same time. They were not treating me well, and I was rapidly down 25BBs before recovering all but $4. I just couldnt hit my draws early, and saw some very nasty suckouts. Thankfully the fishies paid most of it back, although one fish who would call down with a single overcard every time seemed to end up quite a lot by the time I quit as he seemed to keep hitting. Annoying.

I tried the trial version of the Bodog handgrabber, and it appears to work a treat. Might have to make that a purchase, although it will eat into my bankroll a little, but in the long run will be worth it. Will test the Pacific one too shortly.

Current bankroll: $13,050


The blindman said...

I reckon the signup deals are much better value than paying $$$ up front for the handgrabbers. You get all six programs for signing up at a site, whereas it costs $60 per program to buy them. Even if you only use two, it should be well worth the signup option.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Yeah i was thinking about that. But through rakeaway I can do the lucky ace regalos deal for $215 with 600 points to clear which should be pretty simple. Then just buy the 2 licenses I want for $100, and pocket the extra $115 into the bankroll.

TiocfaidhArLa said...

You guys are way 2 funny ... this thing is a real science for you, eh?

No wonder you're winning. How can us hobbyists compete?