Sunday, September 14, 2008

You know its not your day when ...

Your first hand is KK ... lose to runner runner flush
Your second hand is AA ... lose to a rivered gutshot
Your 3rd hand is QQ where you get to 3bet preflop, and get 3 callers, flop is AKx

All in all on Saturday I managed to drop about 30BBs at $2/4 in a little under an hour's play. I guess after that start its not too bad, but boy were those tables fishy. Just couldn't catch a break. It happens sometimes.

However, Sunday was a very different story. Again played about an hour, mixed between $2/4 and $1/2 but couldn't get a premium starting hand. I did receive quite a few marginal or slightly better than marginal starting hands though, and they kept hitting the flop. Hard.

Ended up around 60BBs, although to be honest there weren't all that many interesting hands. That is variance for you .. some days you just don't hit a thing, the next everything comes home. I just had my hands hit more than average, as well as had a couple fish who liked to call down with very very little. One guy was even complaining about the play of other players, but when he showed down a cold call of a raise and a call on every street with T8o on a board showing AKT52 I just had a bit of a chuckle about him giving advice to others.

Should also have cleared a few more bonus $. Will see in a day or so when they update.

Current bankroll: $12,100

Note to self - next post - keeping up the passion/interest/desire


tim said...

I've never played on prima so I can't vouch for this personally, but it got some good reviews on 2+2, *you may have to sign up to the site.

Btw. How come you stopped clearing the monthlies on the cryptos?

parttimebonuschaser said...

Weaktight actually looks very good. Might use that one for all my converting. Cheers man.

I stopped the cryptos for a couple reasons although I think i basically quit them when they changed from 6x to 8x -

My bonus + rakeback is now around 68% where i've generally been trying to clear stuff that is 100%+

The times that I seem to be able to play in the evenings Aussie time is when crypto is pretty dead, so it was hard to find a single table running, let alone actually table select for fishy ones. (mornings Aussie time are actually quite good but since i'm working that causes issues!)

That being said, you make a good question there, and 68% really ain't too bad so I might head back that way when my bonuses do run a little dry, as i've been quite successful there.

(and i still do the william hill time bonus).

Out of interest are you aware if any of the crytpo monthlies are better than others?

Also the month littlewoods doubled their bonus was quite handy from memory.

The blindman said...

Nasty, nasty, nasty. Reminds me of the time I got AA, KK, and AKs in consecutive hands and lost all three.

tim said...

If you are willing to have an account in GBP, Interpoker has a 10X for 1 pound at 100 pounds/month whih is essentially 6X (playboy also has the same thing but I'm not sure if you can get RB there). The hefty exchange fee with netteller might hurt though.

I've only played on some playchip tables at Pokertime(Micro), and could not stand the lag. Are other skins better? Also I watched the lobby abit and there were between 0-1 tables of LHE running at anytime, are there certain times to play?

tim said...

0-1 games running at any given limit.

parttimebonuschaser said...

hmm interpoker sounds interesting. if you have a pound account do you still accrue points at the same rate playing on the $ tables? But yes, the conversion rate is extremely nasty with neteller.

I only lag on prima when opening a table ... there seems to be a delay to open the table, and then to enter your $ to take to the table .. the rest of the time it runs fine for me, with no noticable lag.

You're right in that there aren't too many tables going most of the time, but I find that there's generally one or two more tables running at each limit than crypto for comparison. Nowhere near like a fulltilt etc though. Morning Aussie time I find best there.