Sunday, September 21, 2008

:( ..... :)

Hmmmm ... what a session.

Put in an hour on Cake/Bodog. The first half of the session I couldn't win a thing.

In the first half hour:
  • On table 1 I had a zero % went to showdown. Nothing, nada.
  • On table 2 I had a zero % won $ at showdown
  • On table 3 I had a zero % won $ at showdown
  • On table 4 I had a 30% went to showdown combined with a 25% W$SD ...
  • overall 55BBs down ... OUCH ... every suckout possible seemed to hit against me.

In the second half hour

  • On ALL tables had a WTSD of approx 40%
  • My lowest W$SD was 55%, highest 75%
  • Overall 75BBs up.

Overall: 20BBs up

Woulda been another briliant session if I hadn't started so horribly, but that, as they say, is variance.

Current bankroll: $12,600

Note to self: next post note taking discipline

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

Congrats on avoiding tilt with nada, nada, nada. The ultimate Grinder - nice result.