Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes even the fishy tables ...

.... just do not give you a break.

In an hour last night I lost 40BBs on Bodog at the super high $1/2 tables where one of my opponents was running at 100/30 ... however, over 80 hands he'd also shown down 50% of all hands and won 60% of them.

Meanwhile I had won 22% of my showdowns. Not fun.

I guess when you think about it, when playing against super fishy opponents at a level where you have a pretty decent edge and you can blow through 40BBs so quick, imagine what could happen where you only have a very small edge, and the stakes are a lot higher. Best not to think about it.

I also stuck some cash into Microgaming, but i'm not sure if i've still got a deal there so i'll wait and see if I actually get any rakeback or equivalent. I might have to find a new site to play there. That being said, very first hand I have 66 on a flop of 6c8s9s, turn 8h and betting gets capped. River Ks to complete the flush draw. Opponent again raises me, and he flips over 99 for one of those set over flopped set moments that happens about 1 in a hundred. You get that sometimes ... but first hand i've played there in six months .. harsh.

Current bankroll: $18,550
July time played: 1h30m
July profit/(loss): $0


Anonymous said...

I NEVER run good against the 100/30 fish, they always seem to hit that miracle two pair or something similar and it is so frustrating!

The set over set was a nice welcome back to Microgaming! LOL!

The blindman said...

If you try Eurolinx, stick to a mindeposit for now. Withdrawals are coming, but still slowly. I got an offer for 55%RB on Purple Lounge, poss a bit shady.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Might have a look at Euro. bit wary of under the table deals - had a couple go wrong in the past so rather stick with the big rakeback players.

The blindman said...

Yeah, I'm the same except that payments are apparently handled by the site so once you're set up the affiliate should have nothing to do with it.