Monday, July 13, 2009

My new rakeback site:

Obviously I can't be buggered creating my own rakeback from scratch, so it's not exactly original, being more or less just an affiliate page through rtr, but hey, it will do the job. And anyone signing up will get the best possible rtr deal available with the comfort of their support and reputation.

All I need to do is draw up myself a decent logo and i'm set. Kind of a pity that I have the artistic ability of a small stone or some other inanimate object, but we'll see what I can do if I ever get around to it.

So for you guys who don't have a deal or affiliate for rakeback at a number of sites feel free to check it out:

On to poker news - I finally cashed in a Kamikaze .. for all of about $10. I think it was held at about 4am my time, so obviously I missed all the action, but hey, can't complain about any free money, given it only cost me some crappy Cake gold card like a 4 of spades. Bit of a pity that I couldn't win at least one more hand and it would have made me some decent cash.

My half hour session last night was a bit of a non event. Although I ended up about $50 in front, my stacks never really moved much. I did lose one 22BB pot where it was capped four ways preflop with me sitting on KK and flopped 762r. On the flop I got checkraised and with another caller I ended up just calling down. Obviously the check/raiser had TT, and turned another T. Grrrrr.

Current bankroll: $18,900
July time played: 6h
July profit/(loss): $350

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