Monday, July 27, 2009

Raining quads

Well, relatively speaking as I hit quads three times in my half hour session.

First was with AA on a flop of AAK where everyone folded to my flop bet. Disappointing, but there's not much you can do.

A little later on I have A8 and flop J88, turn 8 .. and I get called down by two opponents. Nice

Then at the end of my session after a couple nasty beats I have 44 and flop 4h8hQh turn 8 to give me a boat which my opponent 3 bets me with which I cap, and river a 4 to give me the 2nd nuts where he just calls my raise for another nice pot.

Overall I ended up around 20BBs on a juicy $1/2 table and about 10BBs on a $3/6 table which could have easily been a lot more apart from a couple nasty 2 outers on the very last orbit of my session.

Good to get the weekend's losses back fairly quickly though.

Current bankroll: $19,550
July time played: 15h
July profit/(loss): $1,000

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