Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Easing into July

Thought i'd ease into July with a brief midweek session when I know its going to be hard to find decent tables.

Ended up jumping on a $5/10 table where I recognised three guys to the right of a vacant seat as massive fish - one's who liked to call down with dominated hands / bottom pair etc. So, the order of the day was no bluffing, and call down with any good hands.

That strategy rapidly dropped me about 15BBs, but eventually I had a few hands hold up to finish my 20 minute session up about 10BBs. Could have actually been a bit better but had a couple nasty hands, where in one I ran my flopped nut straight into a rivered flush, and another where I split a big pot where I had a nut straight but one of my cards paired on the river giving my opponent the same nut straight when he was drawing to gutshot.

Interesting timing on the Blindman's comment in that I was just considering getting back into Microgaming last night. I remember it being pretty fishy there, and I need a site with a few more tables running to allow me to table select a bit more (or actually multitable with a few more tables open simultaneously).

I'm yet to try Cake at the $5/10 level, but i'll keep an eye out.

Current bankroll: $18,650
July time played: 30m
July profit/(loss): $100

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