Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When aggro man hits a hand

.... Its inevitable that I also have a solid but losing hand.

Last night I found myself heads up against a 60/50 maniac with KK on the button and i'm just licking my lips at the prospect of a big pot. Capped heads up preflop and flop comes down AA6. I'm not that happy with seeing an A, but i'm still way ahead of his range where he's shown down complete trash even after a cap earlier.

Unfortunately for me, on this particular hand he ends up flipping over AA for quads.

At that stage i'd found myself 30BBs down in the space of 20 minutes on one of my tables - which again luckily was only a $1/2 table, and apart from the maniac was full of passive fish. I had looked for some bigger tables and had a couple $2/4 and $3/6 tables running from time to time, but any higher and it was a complete TAG/Rock fest. I guess I expect that though these days in the midweek off peak periods.

By the end of my session i'd recovered 20BBs on that table as finally a few of my hands held up against mr maniac, when he kept showing down trash. Add a few BBs on the other higher limit tables and I end the night actually up about $50 in total. Add on a nice little rakeback credit, and its a successful evening for the hour i've played.

Won't be playing tonight, so will be back Monday.

Current bankroll: $19,100
July time played: 7h30m
July profit/(loss): $550


Anonymous said...

I had a similar session last night where there was a guy on my table playing 70/50/3 and was hitting every flop smack in the face.

I was 4 buyins down at one point but managed to turn it around so I was only 2BB down, all in the space of 300 hands!

parttimebonuschaser said...

yep high variance against those guys - but in the long run you should win a lot