Monday, July 6, 2009

Closer in the Kamikaze

Entered my second Kamikaze last night with a $3k prize pool. At a cost of a Cake gold card (2 of spades or something like that) its not like i'll get any better value out of a common Cake gold card).

Check this morning and I am 600ish out of 2400 entered. Not enough to cash, but it looks like I must have survived the first hand - possibly with it being a split pot, as you'd think the first hand of a kamikaze should knock out about 2000 people if pots aren't split. Didn't do well enough to cash, but getting closer. Maybe next time i'll get lucky.

Played a bit of $1/2, $2/4 and $3/6 last night and things actually ran fairly smoothly. I was up about 30BBs at $1/2 and gave a few back when I decided it was time to stand up to the table maniac. I raised with AQ on the button and got 3 bet for about the tenth time by mr maniac on my left. That gave him a pretty broad range based on prior experience - any A, pocket pair, a fair few Ks and most suited connectors. On a flop of KK4r I decided this hand was worth a stand, although I wanted to see a showdown as cheap as possible. He donked the flop, I called, he bet a blank turn, I called. He checked a blank river.

Hmmm does he have air? I check behind as I have some showdown value, and he flips over KK for quads. Oops.

Anyways, I was about to quit at about $50 up in a bit under half an hour and was on my last orbit on the $3/6 table when I received KK preflop and got to cap it three ways. A J high flop had me looking pretty good so I bet out and got two callers. Turn of a 7 paired the other seven on the board, and my bet again got called. River of a King, and my one remaining opponent donks, which I obviously raise. He calls and shows QQ so was behind the whole way. Excellent, and now i'm up a good 8BBs on the $3/6 table as well before I fold the last couple hands and quit when its my big blind.

I also cashed out of Interpoker and received a windfall $100 with the foreign exchange difference from when I initally deposited there and won a few $. I had to look back on how i'd treated foreign exchange gains in the past, and noticed i'd charged a fx loss against my winnings for the month previously. So ... may as well add it back to winnings with a gain ...

Current bankroll: $18,800
July time played: 3h
July profit/(loss): $250


The blindman said...

KK4 is a great flop for AQ heads up. I hope you're not folding that even against a nitty player? That's a hand I will almost always take to showdown unless a normally passive player is betting all the way or the board gets horrible (like J9 turn and river).

parttimebonuschaser said...

against a normal tag with a tighter 3 bet range of

ATs+, AJo+, KQs+, KQo+ QJs+, 66+ I suspect i'd be behind well over 50% of their range wouldnt I?