Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dodgey connection

Planned on putting in a good 1-2 hour session last night, but that got off to a false start when I logged into Bodog, fired up a table, and then the connection to Bodog froze before the big blind even got to me.

Fired up Pacific to see if that was working and had a similar problem even connecting to their servers. Very rare for the internet to give me any problems, and for some reason google was still working 100% fine.

So, know that it's an incredibly bad move to try to play with even a slightly dodgey connection, I moved over to the Wii for some grand slam tennis action for half an hour or so. Must admit its a great game, and once i've won the grand slam on medium difficulty I think i'll give it a go on hard.

After half an hour or so I jumped back onto the tables, and found that my connection was back to 100%, so quickly opened a few more at the $1/2 to $3/6 levels. Couldn't find too many fishy tables, but the one's I did find were great. I had one player on a table who was seeing 90% of flops and 90% of showdowns with an aggression factor of zero. The ultimate calling station, who donated me a good 10 or 20BBs alone.

Not too many interesting hands though, and the session ran quite smoothly, making a couple BBs at $3/6 where I was relatively card dead, a few more at $2/4 where again I hardly saw any hands, and then about 30BBs at $1/2 where a few fish just gave their money away. I did make what I thought were a few thin river value bets that I'd normally not make, but I figured since I was against total fish, even if they did nail me from time to time, i'd win more than I lost. This proved to be a good strategy against the calling stations.

Current bankroll: $19,650
July time played: 16h
July profit/(loss): $1,100


rich said...

hi m8, dont know if uve ever read my blog but I dont play limit, Ive had experience ages ago trying to clear a pp bonus.

Well ive logged into my pp account to find a $75 bonus if I clear 450 points.

Im going to be playing .5/1 limit to clear this. Just wondering if youve got any tips? My bankroll is $1K btw


parttimebonuschaser said...

#1 tip - make sure you know what you're doing if you haven't played LHE before. for example, if you're playin 6max, i'd have a look at book "limit holdem: winning short handed strategies" by borer et al.

however, at fullring you're going to earn more points per blind paid since points are based on the number of raked hands not actual rake paid. different book for the basics there though and i'm not sure what is best.