Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Followed by a tiny cooler

Can't really complain that a super hot run is followed by a small cooler - although once again it could easily have been another solid session apart from a couple nasty beats.

I actually started pretty hot again, up about 15BBs in the first five minutes. Again hitting solid hands regularly, and that continued through the session. What didn't continue was when i'd hit my TPTK with say KJ and allowing me to check/raise the flop was then blanks on the turn and river. Each time i'd get called and the turn or river was almost always an A for my fishy mates to hit their three outer.

Not all bad though as I only ended about 20BBs down and even that was mainly on the $1/2 tables. Could very easily have gone the other way though and would have been nice to report another winning session.

I also realised i'd miscategorised a player who had been running at something like 60/50 with a70% wtsd for his first 50 hands so I figured he was pretty much a maniac. Come 100 hands and he's back to around 35/25 which puts him much closer to a LAG/TAG that i'd always try to avoid. On realising this and with him to my right I decided to quit that table.

Hoping to put in a bit longer session tonight.

Current bankroll: $19,400
July time played: 10h
July profit/(loss): $850

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