Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bit of a hiccup

..... but most damage averted

Put in a few solid session over the weekend for almost three hours in total.

Started horrendously, and within the first and second sessions of the weekend I was down almost 100BBs at $1/2. Most of that was at a table where I had a 67/3 guy on my right and on his right was a 82/4 fish. Almost a dream table in theory ... but with results that sucked.

I then took that form to the $3/6 tables where on one table I dropped a quick 25BBs within the space of about 10 minutes where I got two outered on a couple big pots on the river. Add another $3/6 table where the very last hand of my session I lost set over set for another 10BB loss and my weekend was starting to look pretty ugly.

Eventually though things started going back my way and I recovered a solid 40BBs on the $1/2 tables, and another 20 or so on the $2/4 tables. I then found a very juicy looking $5/10 table where I sat down with one big fish on my right. One orbit later when i'm on the BB he leaves, so that ruined the table for me so I set myself to not auto post the blinds for the next orbit. In that hand I was dealt a fantastic 76o and was facing a raise and cold caller, so I decided to come along for the ride thanks to the cold caller. Flop of Q63r was not a terrible flop for me, but I was out of position which kinda sucked. However, a turn and river of 7 and 6 allowed me to get in a nice check raise and I left about 10BBs up after getting no more hands in that final orbit.

Add on a bit of rakeback and i've lost about $100 for the weekend, but it actually felt pretty good to recover that much and even end with a loss of that size.

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Current bankroll: $19,450
July time played: 14h30m
July profit/(loss): $900

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When I get an iPhone, I'll join your posse.