Sunday, July 19, 2009

Freeroll - getting closer

Had a $5k freeroll with about 100 runners on the weekend, and was looking okay towards the end of the first hour. Blinds were starting to bite, although i'd built my stack from the starting 1,500 chips to 6,000.

Then on the last couple orbits until the break, I receive JJ in the SB. One shortish stack with less than 2k chips pushes all in from the CO which I obviously push all in to. AQ and the race is on. Flop Axx, and i'm back to 4k chips.

Very next hand I receive AKo, and get a min raise from the CO who is also short stacked with about 2k chips. I push in to take it down, and he calls with JTo. Flop Jxx, turn J ... ack.

I then get blinded/ante'd down a little bit before an early position limper faces a min raise which I decided to push against with KTo and a fairly short stack. Min raiser flips over AQo and flops an A. And i'm out.

On the plus side I did play a bit of cash at the same time, and at one stage after the tournament I had five tables running. Not huge profits but a steady result on every single table left me $100 up for the session which I really can't complain about as most tables were either $1/2 or $2/4. I did have one fantastic $5/10 table where I sat on the wait list for an hour, and still didn't get a seat which was disappointing, but you get that sometimes.

Current bankroll: $19,250
July time played: 9h
July profit/(loss): $700

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