Thursday, July 2, 2009

Great table ...

... average result.

Found another one of those dream tables last night - two 80/15 types, two 55/0 and one 50/25. That gave me half an hour of crazy action with quite a few big (25BB) pots swinging around the place.

Unfortunately for me, I was rivered on several of those 25BB pots, one being particularly nasty where I had KK and capped preflop up against AJo and A5o on a flop of J52r. I capped the flop, and turn was a T which I called the reraise. River 5, and when one guy bets out and the other raises I figure i'm in big trouble so fold when facing two more bets. Unreal.

Lost another 20BB pot with the usual AA versus J8 on a flop of A92r. Not sure how I get called on that flop but turn and river of Q and T and i'm about to throw my monitor across the room.

I recovered some of my losses though when my 88 got three bet preflop and then flopped 8cQc2h, which I capped and then turned a Q which I also capped as we were back to heads up and my oppononet was one of those aggro guys. River 5 which I bet, he raised and I decided to just call. He flips over KQ which doesnt match up to my boat. I guess I should have 3bet the river there ....

All in all, half an hour on one of the best tables i've ever played on and I end up a few BBs down.

Oh well. Next time.

Current bankroll: $18,550
July time played: 2h
July profit/(loss): $0

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The blindman said...

Yeah, morons are always raising trips into obvious boats. I guess you were spooked by the previous set-over-set.