Sunday, July 12, 2009

Running with muppets

Dropped my buy in (25BBs) on a $3/6 table in about half an hour over the weekend, where a few of my muppet mates seemed to call down and hit miracles time and time again. (well 3 or 4 outers anyways .... ). Interesting that I lost one 25BB pot when my flopped trips lost to a rivered gutshot. I'm sure the guy who chased it couldn't actually read the board, as it was extremely dangerous, but he kept calling anyways. That one hand would have been the difference between a losing and winning session. Such is often the way with limit holdem though.

The whole session was a bit of a struggle because the only time over the weekend that I could play was well outside of peak playing times.

This was offset partially by a 10BB win on a $2/4 table, which could also have been a lot bigger had another hand or two gone my way.

Played a home game with the boys on Friday night as well, and I luckboxed pretty hard to have a good night winning three games out of four in some super turbo equivalent NL holdem sitngos. Good sledging, good action, great fun.

Current bankroll: $18,850
July time played: 5h30m
July profit/(loss): $300

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