Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Viruses :(

Well .. was hoping to get in a good hour on the tables last night, but instead scored myself a pop up virus that I had to try to get rid of before I could do anything. Two hours later and I thought it was clean, but turning on my machine this morning and its come back ... ARGH

I first did a virus scan, which only picked up a heap of tracking cookies which it deleted. Still infected. I then downloaded spybot, ran that, and that detected a few problems which it fixed. Still infected. Downloaded a malware remover, which did do some fixing, however, was being blocked by spybot which was actually protecting the virus. However, I thought it was clean, and the pop ups seemed to be gone. Played a bit of poker, then fast forward to this morning and the popups are back. Time to run a deep malware scan, which I will get the results on later.

For my 20 minute poker session, I managed to actually run okay. Found some super fishy tables on bodog, as well as one on cake and made around 12bbs mostly on $1/2 but a few on $4/8. I've also finished my 24poker $1,000 sign up bonus with my last $50 being credited, so i'm now on the VIP deal there instead.

I do actually need to find another bonus to clear now, as i'm finding often with Bodog there aren't enough tables running that suit me (ie full 6max tables and fishy). That, and the fact you can only open 3 tables at a time means that I want to multitable another site at the same time.

Anyways, hopefully my virus is gone by tonight. Will do some more rebooting and scanning before I play again to make sure its properly fixed.

Current bankroll: $9,850 (+360 Aug)

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