Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Taking on the maniac

A short half hour but annoying session nonetheless. Although in the end I came out basically even.

Had 4 tables running - 2 @ $1/2 and 1 @ $2/4 at 24 and 1 at $1/2 on bodog. The 2 $4/8 tables that were running at the time on bodog didn't look fishy enough so I passed on them. All the tables I was on again had at least 2 fish and no TAGs with optimum statistics, so I was pretty happy with my table selection.

Anyways, on 3 of the tables I was running reasonably well, up probably 4 or 5 BBs, but on the 4th against a maniac, I managed to end up down 15BBs.

I guess I need to understand that variance will be high against maniacs, and I appeared to be on the bad side of variance in this session. He was capping the betting preflop with hands like 86s, and when up against my JJ he would of course hit his trips on the river to sink me, or in another hand when I had 2 pair on the flop with AT, he managed to hit his gutshot straight with his 98 turning a 6 and rivering a 7, with me obviously betting the whole way. He also bet, raised and reraised his nut flush draw and managed to hit it on the river when I held the top pair and one of the flush cards.

Of course with him playing all this crap I was always happy to cap the betting with hands as weak as AJ or KQ preflop. Unfortunately the suck outs came a little too often for my liking.

Overall ended fairly even, and am probably quite close to clearing another $50 on 24, so I can't really complain. Just a bit annoying that the maniac guy ended up with stats looking like 75 (vpip)/40 (pfr) / AF 5 / wtsd 50 / W$SD 65 .... which is a lot hotter than i've managed to run for a while.

Current Bankroll: $9,750 (+360 Aug)

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Renee said...

Nothing wrong with coming out even when you enjoyed the play. Better luck next time though!