Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Frustrating up and down session

The Bodog fish decided to pay me back some of the cash they'd luckboxed off me in the previous session. I was up about 20BBs at one stage on the $4/8 table, until the last two hands where I managed to lose with KJ v J6o and then my AA was dominated by QT. Still .. finished about 10BBs up which wasn't too bad.

I also had a Cake table open at the same time which was $3/6 and I had a superb position on the left of 2 massive fish. What followed was a horrendous session, where I ended up with a WTSD of 20% rather than closer to 40% and of those I won a huge 10%. Quite a few were massive pots where some numb nuts would hit their gutshot or flush draw, or even the board would pair losing me the pot, or in a couple hands splitting the pot when I had a big ace versus my opponent calling down with a small ace. Needless to say that did not end well, with me down almost my buy in of 25BBs. Eventually the two fish quit so I had to leave the table as the other guys were basically TAGs.

I then decided to open a couple $1/2 tables on cake and bodog as they were the only juicy tables running. Bodog decided it was time to smash me and several muppets chasing 2 and 3 outers hit them against me on the river .. and i'm left thinking wtf .. why would you call down with that ... anyways eventually a clawed back up to even there as the fish continued to call down with virtually nothing.

The cake $1/2 table was virtually the opposite of my $3/6 experience, even though the table was not quite as good in terms of my position on the fish. I was up by over 25BBs in the first 5 hands, predominantly from the first hand where I had KK with the betting capped 4 ways, flop of KJx was superb for me, and another J on the turn meant that I had the 2nd nuts to JJ, which I wasn't particularly scared of. Was probably a 20BB pot from that hand alone.

All in all I ended up about $50 in two hours, although i'm sure I would have earned a decent chunk of rakeback as well, so I cant complain too much. It could easily have been a lot better though. Must be due for a hot run again soon!

Current Bankroll: $10,750 (+360 Aug)

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