Monday, July 7, 2008

Misclicks ....

I don't actually misclick all that often, and my most common one is more from me not paying enough attention ... ie I steal raise believing i'm first in, but in fact someone has already raised before and I am 3 betting. Sometimes it still actually works, but can also get me into a bit of trouble ...

However, the other day I did have a nasty one. I was on the button with JTs but was about to stop playing, so I was trying to uncheck the autopost blinds box. That box is on the right hand side of the table, but for some reason when the action came to me at the same time, it folded me, which is doubly weird because the fold button is actually on the left, and the autopost box is actually closer to the raise button.

Of course my would have been flush flopped, and at the showdown, the small blind turned over KK which would have been drawing virtually dead to my flush, and the big blind flipped over a flopped two pair, which didn't improve by the river. It also happened to be on the $4/8 table, so would have been a good $50 - $100 pot. Annoying to say the least, although if I had played the hand, I probably wouldn't have flopped the flush.

For my almost half hour session last night though, I had 4 $1/2 tables open on 24poker (all with at least 2 fish), in an attempt to clear my last $100 in bonus cash which I realised doesnt expire for another 4 days. Probably got 200 hands in so must be close to clearing the next $50, and after quickly going 20BBs down with the fish showing down some rude two pair suck out on the river hands, I clawed it back and ended 20BBs up when I managed to actually score some great starting hands that didn't get sucked out on (AA twice, my other pocket pairs flopped trips twice as well as AQ holding up). Its good to know that these guys are going to chase every time and call down all my value bets. In the long run, even though the suckouts are frustrating, these players are my bread and butter.

Current bankroll: $9,750 (+360 Aug)


Nick said...

Robbo i'm keen to give the online poker another shot but its been a while..... lemme know which rakeback site I should get started on and which poker site I should get into.

parttimebonuschaser said...

Hmmm you're in the US so that kinda limits it ... and since you already have an account at fulltilt, that knocks that one out.

I'd probably go with cake through raketherake which is 33% rakeback, so just hit the raketherake link on the right hand side of my blog to sign up there for a raketherake account, and then sign up through them on cake for rakeback as well as a deposit bonus.

Cake has a bit of an advantage for you in that they don't allow pokertracking software so you wont be at a disadvantage compared to the other players. (you can make notes on the players in the Cake software though if you like). The lack of tracker software also tends to get rid of the players who do use the software so the games tend to be a bit easier on cake as well.

I still play on there, and fairly often redeposit for an extra reload bonus. (admittedly i did withdraw $2k the other week, leaving a bit under $1k on the site)

If you're going to play no limit cash games, you might also want to buy the harrington on cash books too.


Mr Cea said...

good luck matey