Monday, July 14, 2008

Current strategy

Thought i'd better share my overall plan of attack, and then at least I can come back to it and check if i'm doing as planned.

First and foremost, my goal is to have a good rakeback or equivalent cashback VIP deal on all major networks. (and i'm always looking for a potentially better deal on each one.

So far I have a rakeback or cashback VIP deal on the following networks:
  • Fulltilt
  • Ipoker
  • Microgaming/Prima
  • Cryptologic
  • Cake
  • Bodog

If I have a good deal already on a network or the network is too small for me to bother with then I dont mind just hitting up a poker site with a sign up bonus such as through PSO (refer the link on the right).

I've done the pure bonus on:

  • Pokerstars
  • Ongame (hollywood & pokerroom .. hmm i should try to find a VIP deal at ongame ...)

I'm still looking for rakeback deals with higher returns on each network, but if I can't find one i'll simply pick a new sign up bonus offer. Given that i've signed up for a fair few sites now, often I receive a deposit reload bonus offer, which generally boosts the rakeback return quite substantially. It seems pretty rare these days that I don't have a site to play on with a significant overall return of rake paid (sometimes in excess of 100%).

Anyways thats it really...short and simple strategy.

So for the moment i'm playing Bodog for cashback and the first deposit bonus, william hill for the 5 hours played monthly bonus and Cake for rakeback and a reload bonus. Playing a bit of fulltilt for rakeback when there are no juicy tables on the other networks.

As far as actual play goes, I only had about 20 minutes to play, and couldnt' find any decent tables above $1/2 so ended up playing a bit of William Hill for the monthly 5 hour bonus, and a bit of bodog $1/2 where the fish bit me hard when I had two gutshots hit against me as well as a flopped flush with my opponent showing down 82s which he cold called a raise with. Given I didnt have long to play though I didn't really lose much.

Current Bankroll: $9,900 (+360 Aug)

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