Tuesday, July 22, 2008

15 minute session

Found a new fish type - the one that is a bit loose prefop - around 39% VPIP, but then if they get any piece of the board or have A high they call down.

Unluckily for me, in 2 of the 3 contests I had against this guy, his A hit on the river. His A2o was too good for me on the board that read K783A with me obviously betting every street with KQo. When I completely misread another player however, my calling down with A high was not quite as succesful. Not really sure why i did it as I had reraised with AQ and missed the flop so was left with only overs. He bet every street and I called down. He showed down 98 which had hit the flop of 832r, and of course I didnt improve. Why he was raising with 98o in the first place is a bit beyond me, but I figure i'll look for him in future.

On another couple tables though I made up for my losses to my new fishy friends, so overall all I achieved was to get a bit closer to clearing my GNUF bonus. That should be another $120 cleared this weekend.

Current bankroll: $10,650 (+360 Aug)


L4Y SP said...

thanks once again for your comments. I think you are right about the reload bonus.
I will also take on board the PFR % and try to stop limping . Adam

parttimebonuschaser said...

no worries mate.

oh i'm not really saying dont limp, just only in the right situations.

my general approach is if there are no limpers to either bet or fold. although as an exception, if I have a loose table that is also very very passive, I might actually open limp small pockets from early position.

if there is already a limper or two in the pot, then sure i'll limp in if i have a small pockets or suited connectors.

if there is already a raiser in, then i would very rarely just call the raise - either reraise or fold as a general rule. Only real exception would be if i was in the BB and had a reasonable holding and could just call for the one bet.