Sunday, July 27, 2008

In brief

Well found a minute or so to post today.

Played only about another 10 minutes so not much to add, although it did add another $50 to my bankroll. Firstly I flopped a flush in a 4 way contested pot from the BB with 63o. I bet/raised all the way to the river and no other flush cards hit, although an A hit on the turn which kept in two of my opponents. Also won 2 decent pots with multiway action when I had AJo twice in a row and both times flopped two pair which held up.

That however, was followed quickly by a chump calling my KK raise preflop with QJo. Flop was monotone, and neither of my Ks were that suit. The turn was another off suit K, which i'm betting and my opponent is raising away on the flop and turn. Of course when i'm ahead and some muppet is betting into me they manage to hit their 9 outer on the river to take a 15BB pot. GRRR.

Can't really complain though as if the fish weren't calling me down with only slim chances to win the previous pots would have been a lot smaller too.

Current bankroll: $10,800 (+360 Aug)

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