Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fantastic table that paid off

Didn't actually get too much time to play on the weekend, although did manage to get in almost 2 hours on Saturday. Turned out to be a pretty good couple hours though, as I managed to find two very fish tables.

Firstly on Cake I got on a table which had 4 players that i'd flagged as being reasonably fishy and one unknown. One player turned out to be a bit of a maniac, however, he had a style that i'd never seen before. He would limp into almost every pot, and then raise and sometimes reraise every flop, most turns and the occasional river as well no matter what 2 cards he actually held. It quickly became obvious to try to isolate him and then call down with any reasonable holding such as middle pair, and value bet constantly with any medium/strongish holding, such as top pair or better. He sucked out on a few guys early, and at the $3/6 level that gave him about a $200 stack.

I figured with his style it was only a matter of time before he went broke, so I may as well take as much as possible. Since he only limped preflop, I was getting to see heaps of flops cheaply, so every time one hit, I was able to win a decent amount, and every time I missed, he would win a smallish pot. I didn't have ideal position on the maniac, but since he didn't knock me out of hands preflop with raises it didn't matter as much as it normally would.

On one hand that he 3 bet the turn, raised the river and called my reraise he showed down 63o with no pair and no draw versus my set of jacks. This guy was almost like going to the ATM. By the time he quit and the table broke up I was up around 40BBs.

I also managed to find a nice fishy table on Bodog where there were 4 to 5 players to every flop. Although there was the odd suck out when I was betting strongly, a heap of my hands held up, including AA with 4 players still in the pot and calling my raises on the river. The other guys in the hand showed down bottom pair, or air going for backdoor draws. Made about 25BBs there in pretty quick time, and also made plenty of notes on players that I'd love to play against in future.

Sorry I dont have any hand histories from either cake or bodog, as I cant easily get them into pokertracker the only time I have hands is if i copy and paste them there and then from the active hand history. Generally I played my normal LAG/TAG style, although bluffed less and value bet some more marginal hands due to the calling station nature of my opponents and the specific maniac on Cake.

Current Bankroll: $10,550 (+360 Aug)


L4Y SP said...

Wow , this blog is really opening my eyes . Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me and for linking up my page .
Firstly , you have shocked me about my VPIP and I will adjust that immeadiately . I also can't believe the swings you mention......I have big problems dealing with any loss , which may be foolhardy in this game.
I will only move up to $2/$4 if i can grow my bank to $400 but you worry me with regard to the player quality when doing so.
I know I must also alter my perception of the fish because they definitely are my bread and butter . I must not get so worked up .
My pokertracker is coming in useful and i am just starting to get the hang of it . They also have a table selector screen but i need more data/more players and i have been warned that they are going to begin charging for using it. Shame
Thanks once again......I would say good luck but I think you have it pretty well nailed down . regards.

parttimebonuschaser said...

For table selection I usually just use the players per flop as a measure of fishiness, and then use pokertracker once I sit down, or look at my player notes if i have any. (I dont have PT3)

Swings are what can destroy your bankroll if you aren't managing your bankroll properly.

I like to have at least 1,000BBs before moving up where I will take shots at super soft tables full of fish - ie now i'm taking a few shots at $4/8 if i find enough fish, only because on that site they dont have 6max $2/4 or $3/6 tables available. (I'd even prefer 2,000BBs probably before I play consistently at a higher level). Okay so i'm a bit of a bankroll nit, but you probably get the idea that I think you're cutting it pretty fine.

ie with a $400 bankroll you're giving yourself 100BBs. Normal variance for a winning player could easily wipe that out. I know that I woulda been wiped out quite a few times with 100BB downswings. (I think i've dropped 300BBs once even).

For example on June 22 -

"I managed to drop 100BBs in 3 hours on the $3/6 tables, where it appeared every time I had a made hand I'd get rivered, and every flush draw seemed to miss."

June 2

"In that time though I managed to lose 60BBs ... although fortunate in some ways, 50 of them were at the $1/2 tables and 10BBs at the $2/4 tables. "

June 3

"Overall I managed to drop another 90BBs (at $2/4). "

April 27

"After an assortment of horrendous bad beats, I managed to drop around 120BBs - or $720 which was a decent chunk of my bankroll."

Yes, June in particular really did suck. If it wasn't for bonuses it would have been a big negative month for me.

anyways, hopefully that gives you something to think about.


nemo said...

Well mate, you are certainly owning fish all over the web. You've definitely got this small stakes limit down; and probably more so than any other player I've seen playing these stakes. I tip my hat to you in that you took complete advantage of the donks at your tables. I need to really learn how to do that.