Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to win 20BBs in 2 hands ...

Put in about 2.5 hours on the weekend in total which is probably about average for me over a weekend.

One short session friday night, where the fish were killing me, and I lost 20BBs to basically one fish who was managing to hit every gutshot, flush draw and 2 or 3 outers when I had them dominated. Luckily it was only at the $1/2 tables on 24. Would have been very frustrating but my chat with 24poker customer service lead them to releasing another $100 in bonus $, so I actually ended at $9,500 with my bankroll. Still annoying nonetheless.

My second session, however, gave me the title for this post. Saturday morning played about 1.5 hours, and the very first hand of the session I looked at KK in the big blind. It was raised before me, and another player called before I reraised. Flop was AK7r ... absolutely brilliant! Anyways with a bit of raising and calling I took down about a 15BB pot to put me 10BBs up in one hand.

Very next hand, I get AhKh in the SB and raise preflop with 3 callers. Sweet ... flop Jh7h2c. Drawing to the nuts here and have 2 overs which may also be live. I raise .. wouldnt mind taking the pot down here .. but 3 guys call. Turn is a blank, but I decide to bet into the 3 runners. I'd prefer not to be reraised here though .. maybe I shouldnt raise at that point. Only gets called and the river is a sweet heart. My bet gets folded by 2 players and raised by the last. Kaching. He had two pair in the end, so another big pot for me. It was looking like a good session.

My heater continued on another table where I was doing my William Hill bonus. At one point early on I had KQ and the flop was KcKdJc which I bet and got a caller all the way to the river. The turn was a Q giving me the nuts, and boy was I happy to be called down.

Ended up making about 50BBs at the $1/2 level and 15BBs on $4/8 in that 1.5 hours (although that includes $30 in time played bonuses from WH).

My last session, I had a good run on one table, but a fish on another was cleaning me out. His VPIP of 65% and AF of 0.5 meant that he was pretty fishy, but when his 2 pair hit his two outer to the full house against my flopped nut straight with the flush draw also on the river in a 15BB pot, that really was the story of the session. Broke even overall though for the session so can't really complain.

I think my 24poker sign up bonus is about to expire, so will wait and see what VIP deal they offer me to determine if I play there some more. Gotta say it has been a good experience on that site ..even though i've nearly been chat banned a few times ....

I also had a quick look at my William Hill stats for the year, and jeez that has been a huge heater!! I am running over a ridiculous 7PTBB/100 for the last 4,000 hands. Guess i can't complain there :)

Hmm .. might have to post my bonus/rakeback theories in the next post. This one is already pretty long. Hopefully will also jump onto some higher stakes tables shortly too. There's just no point though with the William Hill bonus or the 24bonus. Bodog, however, is another story, and if i see a $4/8 fishy table running there I will be straight on!

Current Bankroll: $9,700 (+360 Aug)

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nemo said...

Man, your roll is getting sweeter and sweeter with every post. I wish I could have the same progress as you. I'm beginning to think I'm just too big a donk to play poker.