Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clearing through the fish

Well, i've been off work, and put in about 8 hours in total over the last couple days, and it has been somewhat painful, although at least still in a positive direction. The first day I hit the $10k mark which I thought was a great result for me, as I still haven't been playing quite a year, and really havent taken too many risks along the way.

Had one huge fish on Bodog complain about me raising all the time, as he continued to limp into pot after pot only to get raised by me in position. Problem was, he managed to suck out way more than his fair share, which was really getting annoying. For some reason he thought that 22 was good in a raised pot in a flop of KJTr, where I was holding AK. 2 on the river though sunk me quick. Every time he had an A he would call down, and about three contests in a row where I was in front of him, he managed to pair his A on the river to take the pot. For example I had KQo on a board of K52 - obiously him with A7o is worth peeling for in this case. Turn of a 2, is still obviously worth calling a raise. River A ... sux. He also managed to hit a flush with Q5o v my KK where the board hit a 4th flush card on the river for his 5 to be good enough to beat me.

Fortunately towards the end of the session he was no longer sucking out quite so often, so for example when I bet every street with KJ on a board that read K99, turn 9, river 4 and he called me down with A2o I made a few BBs back.

At ongame I was on a table with 3 fish with stats around 60/2/0.3/60 ... and of those 60% going to showdown each of them was winning over 50%. The 3 other players on the table including me were just getting slaughtered. My actual winrate at Ongame where i'm clearing the mansion bonus (well have now cleared) was reading at a horrendous -8bb/100 over the first 1,000 hands. I've now got it back to more like -4bb/100 as the tables have remained pretty fishy, and the suckouts aren't coming all that often.

I did let fly a bit in the chat box, before deciding I was way better off keeping quiet and hoping he'd keep playing at the table. In hindsight though I think he was enjoying the banter.

I also played in one of the Cake gold card tournaments, and was actually doing okay in the top 40 of around 1,300 runners when I had to go see the doctor. Bit annoyed that I had to throw it away, although my stack was only a quarter the size of the largest stack, I was definitely still in it. Got about $30 or so from that, so I guess its better than nothing.

With respect to bonuses, I cleared the Mansion bonus, so that should be around $100. Will find out in a couple days. Hopefully also have some decent rakeback/cashback from bodog and cake as well. I think i'm also about 1/3 of the way through my GNUF bonus as well, although i'm having a bit of trouble putting some more $ on that site at the moment.

Current Bankroll: $10,100


L4Y SP said...

This is exactly the blog I was looking for . Inspirational stuff .
I now have a marker to aim for . Very interested in the bonus side of things which I have really dismissed up to now as so settled at stars . My blog is . Best of luck . I will be watching . regards . adam

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers mate.

you should be interested in the rakeback/bonus side of it - most players won't play without it!! (I don't)

rakeback generally turns out to be between 1 and 2BB/100.

bonuses can get ridiculously high at potentially 5 to 10BB/100.

so even if you are a breakeven player you'll still make a profit (albeit small unless you're playing large volumes)

good luck

parttimebonuschaser said...

Oh and if you are thinking of going into a rakeback or bonus deal feel free to use my links on the right.

i always appreciate the referal