Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rakeback on non rakeback sites

Only time for a quick post, but hopefully a useful one.

Just got an email from rtr saying that Littlewoods is likely to join Pacific Poker network this year ... which means that by having an account on Littlewoods with rakeback, hopefully that rakeback will also be transferred over.

Since Pacific don't actually pay rakeback, this looks like a pretty good way to get over there with rakeback. Hopefully it all works out. Now that I think about it, I probably should post my overall rakeback/bonus strategy sooner or later.

Since one of my strategies is to have a long term rakeback account on every site, this is a huge bonus to me, so anyone else interested, and without an account on littlewoods, i'd suggest signing up there ... even through my RTR link on the right which i'd appreciate ... :) ... also try to clear the ipod bonus this month as well for a little extra bonus that they have running at the moment.

Will do an update tomorrow from the weekend .. so far travelling okay after a terrible start and the fish killing me, I turned it around and slaughtered a few fish.


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