Thursday, July 3, 2008

The bodog fish pay off this time

Had another of my huge 20 minute sessions, but found some more fishy (ie brilliant) tables on Bodog ranging in stakes from $1/2 to $4/8. $4/8 is the largest stakes i've played more than 5 hands on so far.

My notes on one table read for every player except one "open limp utg" followed normally by an example of what they open limped with, which was usually some very loose / dominated hand. Sweet. There was only one LAG on the table, who was often fairly aggressive post flop, but would often fold to any resistance.

I dont think I ever got actually raised off my BB which is a refreshing change, although I was of course playing my usual LAG/TAG style and stealing blinds and reraising with all my good hands. I only got sucked out on a couple times early, and after that my hands were holding up quite well ... some players seemed to think K5o was a good hand and were betting into me when i'm holding AK/KQ on a K high board. Nice. Only really made 20BBs but that's pretty decent for such a short session I think.

One hand is shown below..
And a big FU to my ability to convert hands using bodog .. it just aint goin to copy and paste well into blogger .... so apologies if it looks a bit messy

Limit $4/8
Ante/Small blind $ 2.00 benandgerry
Big blind/Bring in $ 4.00 tibbado
Dealt to Hero Ks 10s
nocards819 Fold $ 0.00
dmsy800 Raise $ 8.00 (the one aggro player on the table, had been raising reasonably light)
tibbado Fold$ 0.00
Hero Raise $ 10.00 (i reraise probably a little light, but I would like to play this hand heads up by getting the big blind to fold)
benandgerry Call $ 8.00 (call is disappointing ... but a 3 bet would have been worse. this guy has been a pretty big fish)
dmsy800 Call $ 4.00 (good his hand isnt big enough to 3 bet .. although now i'm out of position against 2 opponents. i'm going to need to hit the flop hard.)

Betting round completed Last active pot = $34.50

Card dealt to table 3s 2s 5s (bingo)
Hero Bet $ 4.00 (have to bet out here, as it could easily get checked through. Even if i'd missed i'd probably bet here hoping to steal the pot since i was the preflop raiser. You can probably guess I very very rarely slow play.)
benandgerry Call $ 4.00 (good)
dmsy800 Call $ 4.00 (even better! although I dont really want another spade as someone could be drawing to the As)

Betting round completed Last active pot = $46.00

Card dealt to table Ad (pretty good card for me, as it gives someone with a 4 a straight .. also pairs a big ace which is also a bonus)
Hero Bet $ 8.00 (obviously bet out hoping to get called by anyone who has just hit a decent piece of the board)
benandgerry Call $ 8.00 (bingo)
dmsy800 Call $ 8.00 (awesome!)

Betting round completed Last active pot = $70.00

Card dealt to table 3h (that is NOT a good card for me .. pairing the board is almost the only way I can lose this pot. However, I am still thinking anyone who had trips before might have put in a raise on the flop or turn to charge anyone on the flush draw ... although the fish probably doesnt play with that much thought, the LAG would)
Hero Bet $ 8.00 (i'm still betting for value from either a big ace or that missed flush draw .. will be a little sick if i get reraised)
benandgerry Call $ 8.00 (only a call .. nice)
dmsy800 Fold $ 0.00 (guess he was chasing the flush)

Betting round completed Last active pot = $86.00
Hero wins Show card: FlushKs 10s 5s 3s 2s
benandgerry Muck card Ah 2h (hmm he was probably in a tough spot there ... gutshot to the straight, although he would have lost to any spade. He was probably hoping I had a big Ace, particularly when he's hit 2 pair on the turn. Still .. he called a reraise from the BB with a relatively weak holding so was asking for trouble)

Although that hand is really not all that representative (and is my second flopped flush this week!!) because I won a lot of pots with a smaller hands. However, its always nice to flop the 2nd nuts into two opponents!

Current bankroll: $9,450 (+360 Aug)

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