Thursday, July 10, 2008

The fish do the hunting

Found some fantastic $4/8 tables in a half hour session yesterday. Unfortunately it resulted in me quickly dropping 40BBs before recovering 15BBs by sessions end.

The tables were great, with 3-5 players seeing most flops, and often just limping in. Plus I had perfect position on one of them sitting on the left of a massive fish. That being said I managed to get caned by:
  • having 5 flush draws on the flop and missing all but one, where the one was a rare hand with only 2 runners and the 2nd runner folded on the turn
  • opponents hitting flush draws v my 2 pair having cold called raises with 92s and 85s
  • my 2 pair hitting on the turn which hit someone's gutshot with 56o
  • my AK raised preflop and flopping a K not holding up against the call from the big blind holding 62o
  • Running KK into AA from a limping fish

The few hands I seemed to win were when I had someone dominated and flopped top pair. AJ held up against J7o and KQ held up against K8o. At the same time my JT managed to lose to T9 on a flop of T98 when the turn produced another 9, and my AK also lost to AT when the flop was AT3r.

I know these tables should be very profitable, so I will continue to seek them out.

Overall a supremely disappointing session though, apart from recovering a bit towards the end. Surely the card will run better next time. I know I played well and didnt tilt at all so I am still confident of tearing them apart next time.

Current Bankroll: $9,650 (+360 Aug)

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