Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Horrible session

Had a terrible half hour session on one table where nothing went right. Playing against a bunch of fish, I rarely received a starting hand worth playing and when I did I'd either clean miss the flop, flop a draw that would miss, or get sucked out on the river. The bigger problem was that it was at the $4/8 level where I was getting crucified.

I had two other $1/2 tables open at the same time, and those were running more like a normal session - I even received AA once on each of the tables, although did lose with KK.

All in all I lost a very rapid 30BBs at $4/8 and won about 25BBs at $1/2 for a net loss of around $200. Luckily at the same time I managed to clear my first $100 worth of bonus on Bodog, so that halved the loss for the session.

The last two hands were the story of the session really.

The first one I have Ac8c in MP and raise preflop. A fish cold calls from the SB and the BB also calls. Flop is 9c6c5d. So i've got a flush draw and gutshot and one over to the board. Bet out the flop, get one caller in the SB. Cbet a blank turn, same guy calls. River is As so I bet out again, and then get called. He flips over A9o for 2 pair... so the muppet called an early position raise with A9o from the sb ... That was also my 4th flush draw in the session, and the 4th that had missed.

Final hand I have QJo UTG. I raise preflop and the only caller is a very short stack in the BB where one and a half more bets will put him all in. Flop comes T76r. He checks so I bet and he raises. For only half a bet I of course call with 2 overs. He then flips over J5o. Excellent, he only has three outs. Turn comes a 4, river a 3 to give him a straight. @#%@%@!

At that point in time i've run out of time to play so quit, even though the table was still quite fishy. Disappointing though, as i'm sure I would have got a chunk of it back.

Current bankroll: $10,700 (+360 Aug)

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L4Y SP said...

I hate it when they luck out . Especially early in a session because it knocks my confidence when playing at a loss/ chasing.
Thanks for the comments on BB/100 . I just needed someone with experience to tell me. regards