Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another bonus down

Logged into GNUF and saw that I only needed 20 points to clear the $120 PSO bonus, and another 200 or so points to clear another $50 through their own sign up bonus. So I decided to play there for about 20 minutes.

But boy, did the suckouts come thick and fast. Gut shots, runner runner flushes, single overs. I'll have to grab some of the hand histories to post them tomorrow. At my worst point I was down 25BBs on the $2/4 tables, however, managed to make 20 of them back, before once again dropping another 10 to some very fishy opponents.

I did find my fish from the day before, however, he quit soon after I sat down, so that was disappointing.

Still, I guess overall it was a profitable session as the $120 bonus more than makes up for the losses on the table. I dont think I have too many more points left to get to clear the final $50 either, so that will be an extra boost.

Current bankroll: $10,700 (+360 Aug)


L4Y SP said...

hello again . looking through my tracker , at all levels my WTSD is 30% . So yesterdays was very low , got a bee in my bonnet about going 100% SD so may have been playing overcautious . Just been looking at they really give you free money as well as the site's bonus and rakeback. seems too good to be true. Adam

parttimebonuschaser said...

i'm a bit of a showdown monkey, so it would be a miracle if any of my sessions had a 100% win at showdowns (in fact i'm more than happy with 60%). Although i'd never call just to see what they had though - I need to have a reasonable shot at winning the pot.

With PSO you get the free money and the site's bonus OR you get rakeback and the site's bonus. Generally you don't normally get all 3.

That's why I make sure I have a decent rakeback room on each network and then just do bonuses on the other rooms on the same network. Generally bonuses clear at a much quicker rate than rakeback.

That being said if I want rakeback I use raketherake or rakebackstat (links on the right of my blog). Raketherake offer additional extras such as freerolls and rake races which are more than what PSO offers in just giving rakeback.

rakebackstat i use for bodog at the moment.

If i want free cash and sign up bonus only, i generally use PSO, and clear it as quick as possible. Most clear extremely quickly. (of course I always also have the incentive to get people to click on my referral link on the right of my page to PSO as it also gives me a small referral fee - so feel free to use my link :)