Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Super muppet

Very brief session of 3 tables of William Hill, plus a cake table or 2. Managed to clear $20 of the $50 William Hill bonus for the month already, and in the process lost $30 ... great work there. Lost a couple terrible hands, where some muppet in middle position called my raise (AQ) and called down his T9o with no draws on the board to hit his T on the river. Couple other nasty suckouts and instead of winning a packet I ended down.

Cake was a different story though where I found a player who I will call super muppet. This guy would check/call raises on the flop and turn and then fold on the river. Now I know that doesn't necessarily sound too bad, however, he would fold when he could actually check, and i'm sure at least once he would have had me beat. Needless to say he was pretty easy to play against - a bet represented a hand, and if he had nothing he'd fold ... was kinda handy, and made me a good 15 - 20 BBs.

I will probably focus a bit more on Pokerroom tomorrow as that should be finished by the end of next week at the latest as well as playing cake whenever a fishy table is available. After that the next bonus will absolutely have to be found :)

Still haven't got past my small tilt problem where I chat in the chat box and may call people muppets.... Gotta get past that, as I dont want to scare off the fish!! especially my mate Super Muppet.

Current bankroll: $5,830


Rhubarb & Custard said...

Cheers for the link :) linked you back as promised :)

BurnleyMik said...


I have the same problem with the chat box mate.. I just cant help myself sometimes!!!

Linked up now!