Thursday, April 3, 2008

Now a super fishy table!

Pokerroom was kind enough to give me a table with the average VPIP of around 74% for 5 players, including my VPIP of around 32 which was bringing the overall average down a lot!!

You'd think that would let me make a ton of cash, and at times I was doing fairly well. However my KdTd then managed to hit a 3 flush board. Unfortunately muppet #1 happened to have Ad5d. I 4 bet the turn, which he 5 bet ... so i figured i was in trouble and only called his bet on the river.

A few more nasty 3rd flush card hitting on the river to beat my top pair, and i think I ended up making about 1BB for the entire session. (Well that combined with the inevitable missing 5 flush draws and 2 OESDs in a row).

Playing Cake at the same time helped though, as one very aggressive player managed to donate about 20BBs to me by betting into me every time, including when i'd hit my hand. Thanks very much.

The Sit n Go's continue to be quite successful, although I'm still only playing a maximum of 10 pound tables. My ROI for the last 2 months has been somewhere near 30%, which is okay I think, particularly when you take add on the 40% rakeback and Sun's $20 bonus for 160 MPPs as well.

Current bankroll: $5,950


Amatay said...

Nice blog, i've added you to my links

nemo said...

I read your entire blog today. I really like your views on bankroll and such. I'll be adding you to my links.

Side note, I don't quite understand a lot of your terminology like VPIP and all that. What does all that stuff mean?