Sunday, April 6, 2008

Goin nowhere, and short break

Only played maybe an hour since last Thursday, and in one session managed to lose to a 2 outer on the river 3 times. (Pocket pair v lower pocket pair). Would have been a great session apart from that, so i'm exactly where I started. (and again I managed to fire off a bit of abuse ... STOP IT!)

I did actually pick up a hopefully very valuable Ac in the Cake gold card promotion though, which i can hopefully cash in for a chunk of change one day. My highest card before that was an 8 which doesnt have a huge value. I believe a Q went for $80 and a K went for about $200 earlier this year, so an A should be a bit higher than that. Well at least it will keep me logging into Cake regularly to check.

I will also hopefully sign up to the fantastic deal on the ipoker network shortly too. I needed a long term deal on that network so it was a very handy find thanks guys. Feel free to message me for more details .. and i better get off my a$$ and sign up in the next day or so.

I'm going away for a few days this week though, so probably won't hit the tables to next weekend. Should be fun though, but may not hit that $6k barrier to next weekend now. (Although I think I only need another 150 points to clear the Pokerroom bonus, and Party just emailed me another 8x reload which should clear pretty quick, so maybe I will get there).

See yas in a week!

Current Bankroll: $5,950

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Rhubarb & Custard said...

I saw that ipoker deal on someones blog recently but cant find it again...can you point me in the right direction mate cos I play there too and it sounded pretty good :)