Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2nd quick stab

Played about an hour since my last post. Couldn't find a decent $2/4 table on Cake, so took my second stab at $3/6. Kinda weird - the two 2/4 tables were tight as rocks, but the 3/6 table had a vpip over 65% ... go figure.

Anyways, it turned out to be reasonably uneventful, and I won around 7BBs, although was never down for the session. My seat was also ideal, with 1 massive and one minor fish sitting on my right, and the only TAG of the table to my left. Unfortunately I had to quit my super juicy table to get ready for work (not too disappointing though as the two main fish were down to about $30 left each - but woulda been nice if i'd taken it from them). I still have $40 in bonuses to clear on cake as well.

At the same time I opened a couple tables on 24poker, where I need to clear my $1,000 bonus, 320 or so raked hands at a time for a $50 release. The odd thing is using raked hands, is that it clears no quicker at $2/4 than it does at $0.50/1 .... so I figure i'll play mainly $0.5/1, with a bit of 1/2 if there aren't enough fishy tables at the lower levels.

Also just received another party reload offer, and will probably take that up as well for a very small amount. The irritating thing about party now, is that you lose 10% of your party points every week that you dont play. I can't believe that is in any way a good business decision on their part. Hopefully they lose a bunch of players and have to change it back soon. Since i'm currently clearing a party bonus though, I did open a $2/4 table there, and promptly won 20BBs before the fish decided to leave, so I had to quit the table as well, as the rest were extremely tight.

All in all a good little session, although played over too many sites which does get a bit confusing.

Current Bankroll: $6,600


nemo said...

I really enjoy following your progress. It's actually much more entertaining to read your posts than other bloggers mostly for the fact that you play the same limits I do. However, you seem to be doing MUCH better than I am. The way I figure it, I'm never going to have a decent sized bankroll to start playing and not go broke. Too many bills and I'm expecting a child in about three months. It's rough times haha.

parttimebonuschaser said...

thanks man ... and keep to the micro stakes whilst you're tryin to build a bank roll up - you'll find the players there are much easier, although they do suck out more as well as pay you off a lot more for your big hands.

I keep my poker roll completely separate from anything else so that it doesn't influence my play. As they say, you can't play well with scared money!