Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A couple very different sessions

Had a terrible start to approx 2 hours of poker, where I managed to drop 50BBs (@$2/4) within half an hour. This time it wasn't only because of nasty beats (although I capped preflop with AKs and some numpty called/raised with 44, flop hit AT7r, and obviously you'd call with 44 hoping to hit your two outer, which did hit him on the turn ....) - I actually played some very very poor hands - like calling down a maniac who was raising every hand, when I had Q high .... all it takes to destroy a maniac is a bit of patience, and obviously I had none at that point in time.

So after that horror start, it was time to stop, reevaluate, and go back to basics.

Was I selecting good tables? Pretty much yes, the best tables available, although they were not quite as juicy as i'd normally like. One table I should have quit earlier though.

Was I selecting the right seats? NO ... the main fish had position on me and I had a TAG or two on my right ... that is a BIG problem.

Okay, time to correct my seating issue, and wait for some fishier tables.

Found some and managed to recover all my losses within about an hour. Mainly due to two hands. One which had a raiser and two callers with me looking at 67s on the BB. Flop was J45r. All 4 players stayed in to one raise on the flop. Three players remained in to a raise, my call, and then a reraise when the A hit on the turn. River was a glorious 3 giving me the nuts, and one other player decided that was worth capping the river on. Ship it ... :)

The other main hand was when I had KK and some other guy had A6 and he decided it was worth betting and raising his pair of 6s on a Q high board all the way to the river. He had sucked out a smaller pot earlier from me, so I guess that was justice.

Cleared another $50 from 24 as well.

Current Bankroll: $6,750

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