Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Muppets in SitnGos

Played one $10 double up sitngo last night, and came across a player who played virtually every hand, and actually seemed to be going quite well. It wasn’t until he called my 2 pair down after my pot size raises on every street to hit his flush with a 45s on the river that I got annoyed with him.

Still, I managed to stay in control and played with extreme patience. I had about 1,000 in chips left with 7 players left and the blinds up to 200/400, which was getting quite painful to be honest. My mate the muppet by this time had accumulated 5,500 chips, and along with another player on 4,000 chips, were chip leaders by miles over the rest of us. (Only a total of 15,000 chips on the table). Anyways, given that you only need to come 5th, I figured I still had a decent chance of doubling up, as another couple players were even shorter stacked than me.

To answer my prayers I received AA, and when a stack of 800 pushed all in at the cutoff with AK and with me on the button, I obviously obliged him with my own all in. An A on the flop gave me peace of mind, and put me up to around 2,600 chips.

Problem was, that for the next orbit or two, I literally received nothing whilst other players were raising and calling, and suddenly the blinds were 300/600. The two smaller stacks had managed to double up, one managed to do it with 52 flopping 52T which was quite annoying as well! In the meantime, my mate the muppet had managed to drop from 5,500 chips to about 1,500. He literally could have folded every hand and easily ended in the money from his big 5,500 chips … but I guess that’s what makes him a muppet.

I ended up folding down to about 600 chips as I was hoping either muppet would take on someone with a bigger stack, or there was potentially one other player who would get blinded out on the current orbit before I was blinded out. Muppet was obliging though, and managed to get himself kicked out by the now big stack, so I got to double my cash. Happy days.

As usual played a few cash games at the same time, with one hand going particularly well when I raised UTG with ATo and got reraised by the button. He fired on a flop of AA7, which I called, he again raised the turn, which I called. The river was a tough choice – do I hope he gives it 3 barrels? Hmmm, no, won’t take the risk so I raised and he called giving me a nice pot. Fortunately that was on a $2/4 table. On my 0.5/1 tables I was getting cleaned up and lost 20BBs – mainly through a couple nasty suck outs, but generally from me clean missing the flop more often than usual.

Anyways I should have enough raked hands (320) to clear my first $50 on 24poker (microgaming), so that will be a nice little boost to the bankroll too.

Current Bankroll: $6,700


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