Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A downer .. what is that?

Been a while since i've had a losing session, but managed to achieve that in another quick 45 minute session last night.

It was one of those where within 3 hands, i'd flopped top pair, and top or 2nd kicker only to lose to an overpair twice, and also managed to lose with AK flopping 2 pair to the button's preflop raise with 53s which of course hit the flush.

Only dropped about $50 though but was down by about $100 at one stage. Am a fair bit closer to releasing my next $50 in bonus which would put me back to square. Should clear that in the next few days.

Holiday here tomorrow, so probably won't post again till Monday.

Good luck!

Bankroll: $6,900

1 comment:

nemo said...

Ah that's what happens when you only play for 45 minutes! haha just messin man. $50 isn't so bad. Keep your head up, you're on a steady incline with your winnings and we both know you'll get it back soon.