Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back from my break

Got back on the weekend and was able to put in a few hours on the tables.

Cleared my Pokerroom bonuses, so that was a quick $210 boost all up, although had a bit of a dark day at the tables, when I continued to be 2 outered more than enough times for it to be memorable as abnormal.

I also finally started up on ipoker to see how that deal there would work out. Have to say it started horribly with a super quick loss of 50BBs on the $2/$4 limit tables. Whilst it was annoying, there wasn't much I could do about it. I was playing well, and just not getting anything. My WTSD was around 28% and my W$SD was showing around 25%. Had the 2nd nuts a few times which didn't help the bankroll at all.

Fortunately I was able to find some quite fishy players, and a couple maniacs, who managed to donate all of that back to me, and then another 20BBs. So i'm currently up after around 600 hands on the ipoker network.

I also entered a cake $15,000 freeroll using goldcards this morning. Around 950 runners, and I found myself on an average stack size of $11k in about 120th with about 230 players left, and 130 of those being paid. Unfortunately my holidays are over so I had to go to work, and sit out for the rest of the tourney. I wonder if i made the money ... will check tonight when i get home. Oh well!

Before I forget, what I do need to check though is the rake on ipoker. On face value it appears to be MUCH higher than fulltilt. Will have to check pokertracker.

I've also signed up on microgaming to give that a go as well. So if there arent enough fishy tables on ipoker, will look on there at the same time. Its always good to have a choice of sites if the tables are too tight, as I refuse to play on them.

Current bankroll: $6,400


nemo said...

You are definitely my biggest motivation right now with my poker. Every time I check your blog, your bankroll is considerably larger than the last time. How do you do it? I play tight-aggressive and manage to win lots of pots but my bankroll never seems to get passed $30 (from my freeroll winnings). I'm so frustrated lol.

parttimebonuschaser said...

ha, nah my bankroll doesnt always go up - I wish it did! :)

Sessions often start poorly, but generally because i'm very picky with table selection and seat position, I can eventually make a profit most times. Also the fact that i'm playing 2,3 or 4 tables, it lets me have a bunch fishy opponents so any loss on one table is normally more than made up on another.

Also I find not playing too many tables allows me to concentrate properly on the game.

"I play tight-aggressive and manage to win lots of pots but my bankroll never seems to get passed $30 (from my freeroll winnings). "

If you're playing no limit, you shouldn't be winning lots of pots - you should be winning relatively few pots (but big!) whilst folding most hands pre flop. Even playing limit, you still dont win lots of pots ... at 6 max limit tables i'm only playing 32%ish of hands, and going to the showdown only 38% of those. On a full table i'd be playing far fewer tables.

Make sure you do sign up for a bonus as well .. cause even if you lose at the tables, you may more than make it up from bonuses. I'd say more than half of my overall winnings are from bonuses/rakeback.

good luck!